The Chandos Singers of Bath

A chorus of about 20 singers, currently concentrating on works, both sacred and secular, which by the time of the performance have not become over-performed by other choral groups. Where possible, the composer's first version is used.



Forthcoming Performances

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Saturday 1st April 2017, at Magdalen Chapel at 7.30pm

A Renaissance Sequence


Marking the anniversaries of

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643),

Giovanni Francesco Anerio (1567-1630),

Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517) and

Alonso Lobo, who died on 5th April 1617.


The concert includes

Solos by Monteverdi, sung by Jane Hunt and accompanied by Din Ghani (lute),

Choral works by all four composers, sung by the Chandos Singers

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Saturday 8th July 2017, at Magdalen Chapel at 7.30pm

Summer Concert

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